Mexico could be Next on deck to legalize marijuana

This time last year, the Supreme Court in Mexico ruled for the fifth time that adult's recreational use and possession of marijuana was unconstitutional and ordered legislation to legalize marijuana be created and passed no later than a year from the ruling. The deadline is approaching and legislation could very well be on its way.

However, not all members of the Mexican Senate are on the same page. There are contradictions as to how the drug should be regulated.

Mario Delgado Carrillo, the coordinator of the Morena party’s bench in the Chamber of Deputies, filed legislation that would have marijuana be controlled by the government to prevent monopolies by private companies. The government body regulating marijuana would be called Cannsalud.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Morena Party leader Sen. Ricardo Monreal have both disagreed with the idea.

If Mexico were to legalize weed, they would be following behind Canada and Uruguay, two of the only countries to federally legalize it. Uruguay did so back in 2013 and Canada legalized marijuana in 2018.

Sen. Monreal, the leader of the MORENA party, the leading party, is still confident that the bill will be legalized before the deadline.

The official date to legalize the bill is Oct. 23.

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