If it ain't a Blessin' it's a Lesson

This past Saturday, I geared myself up for what us millennials can't get enough of, a networking brunch. The objective was to mix music and media professionals together—an ideal combination for someone like me who loves music and writing. I woke up early to take the 45-minute train ride and 15-minute Uber drive to Brooklyn from Long Island.

I also wrestled with some stomach pain and nerves—good and bad. The good nerves came from excitement, but the bad nerves came from not knowing what to expect after walking in the door. Were people going to be cliquey because they already knew each other? Was there going to be that guy who gets a little too friendly and touchy when the cocktails start flowing? Pushing past those thoughts, I gradually shifted into network mode and focused on the business cards I would get and the connections I would make. I arrived only to find out the event was cancelled and the organizers forgot to take the event off their Eventbrite page.

Annoyed, I sat inside the venue for about 30 minutes (it's not like I was going to be late for anything) and thought about the money and time I spent to get there. My next thought was, "there has to be something I can take from all of this."

At the end of the day, I didn't get those business cards, but I learned the hard way to do a double take before taking a 45-minute journey for an event (I also know not go to another event thrown by those organizers). On top of these lessons, something else came out of me making the trip. I reconnected with a former high school friend after bumping into her on the way home. I may not have snagged Oprah's email or Beyoncé's number, but some positives came out of it.

This was a teardrop in the lake of let downs I've faced in the past few months. I've been ghosted, I was in the running for a great job and then lost it and I've been questioning myself. But at the same time, I've been finding myself from these experiences. I've been tested to find the positive in a negative situation. Sometimes it takes a quick breather or a few days to think about what happened, but eventually I realize that I can come away from my tests with a testimony no matter how big or small.

I acknowledge that there are people who have gone through and are going through tougher circumstances, but I hope this helps. I encourage everyone to try and take the good out of a bad situation. Try to keep in mind that something can be gained from adversity because if something isn't a blessin' it's a lesson.

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