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These articles include work from my time at Essence Magazine, Blackaphillyated and Newsday

These items include work from my time as a producer and Executive Producer at The Vibe at Temple and from our family company, MiyaMar Productions

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These items include the many social media postings I have constructed on my personal account as well as other accounts I work on

09/2016 - Present

  • Promote ambitious and fast-paced authors and business owners with full production and collaboratively

    work with team to reach a final commercial or sizzle reel

  • Write engaging scripts that describe our customers’ mission or service and increase their viewership by


  • Select clips and images to piece together into a story to send to our editor along with detailed notes and

    assist in going over any other edits needed to achieve a satisfying digital product 


09/2016 - 05/2018

  • Took part in creating engaging content on field shoots, in meetings and on set for entertainment segments that secured a Mid-Atlantic Emmy nomination

  • Researched and secured guests and helped spread the show’s visibility to thousands of views in the tri-

    state area

  • Promoted from producer to executive producer - oversaw producers and helped them grow and gain production experience 


06/2017 - 08/2017

  • Was selected for a three-month internship and contributed over 20 digital and print articles on fairs,

    medical technology and more on deadline

  • Composed a 1200-word feature on a boy scout earning his eagle scout badge which shined a positive light on the community of Hempstead, Long Island

  • Exercised problem-solving skills in the field and developed relationships with residents and local officials through interviews 


10/2015 - 01/2018

  • Reported on entertainers and artists, wrote thousands of stories and made video content on several topics

    including music, pop culture, events and more

  • Expanded our fanbase to over 1,000 views daily and elevated our social media presence to thousands of followers by tracking trends and posting accordingly

  • Promoted from writer to editor-in-chief and organized website content from 10-13 writers while offering guidance with informative writing workshops and thought-provoking meetings 


06/2015 - 08/2015

  • Wrote digital articles and highlighted injustices of the time such as the death and arrest of Sandra

    Bland and the death of Samuel DuBose

  • Communicated with editors and aided in conducting research for digital and print stories

  • Brainstormed and presented ideas and social media strategies to enhance Essence’s online show in a

    group project resulting in our ideas being utilized 

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